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At Adventures Offshore we, want everyone to be able to experience what we have to offer, regardless of their personal and financial circumstances.

We endeavour to keep our administration costs and overheads to an absolute minimum, by making use of our volunteers, supporters and fundraising. The outcome of this careful management is that we are able to offer our voyages at remarkably inexpensive rates.

To find out about our current voyage prices, please contact us.

Financing your trip with us

In 2017 over 30 young people sailed with us who had some assistance with some or all of their voyage fees.

Please give us a ring to talk about the money!  We are sure that many groups and individuals are missing out on potential sources of financial assistance to help them make a sail-training voyage more affordable. By contacting us, we can try to help with funding your sailing.

Bursary funds are available for all deserving cases and so no-one should be put off if they cannot raise all the money for their voyage. We have our own bursary fund to help young people who are unable to afford the full cruise fee and also have access to other bursary funds for the same purpose, so that young people do not miss out on this great experience through lack of money.

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